Paul and Grace are Born-again Christian couple based at Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria. We are employed in the services of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where Jesus has positioned us to occupy till He comes. By the Grace of God we have been involved in empowering young people (especially undergraduates) to acquire skill that will prepare them for a better tomorrow. This we have been doing for over 12 years. Our Ministry is also to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those that God brings across to us. Through this website we intend to reach out to more young people within and outside the University of Nigeria.


We train interested young people (Undergraduates and Secondary school leavers) to acquire vocational skills in sewing, Aquarium making, computer Aided Design (e.g. Autocad), Building construction, fish farming, screen printing etc. Our training resources have two target groups: 1. Free training for undergraduates students especially Students admitted into the Department of Vocational Teacher Education (VTE) UNN, who sign up for membership of either Matrix-2 Design Team, UNN Sewing Community, or any other resources available in our website; 2. Others who are not undergraduates but are interested in acquiring one skill or the other. These are expected to pay and register to receive training/training packages either on-line or in classroom setting.


We believe in the power of God that transform lives and that the word of God is capable of meeting the need of every generation. We believe in working with our hands as we occupy till Jesus comes. Luke 19:13. We believe that God has given everyone of us a skill/talent which must be put to use if we plan to receive the Masters commendation at His return. We believe in the days of little beginning.